Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Great vintage shapes

I was thinking about bringing back Vintage Pattern Thursday, since I'm sure that many of you love finding inspiration in vintage patterns as much as I do. It isn't Thursday today, but I had a little time and found some vintage patterns with really great details.

Vogue 5175 from the 1940s
It may be completely the wrong season, but I think the shape of this sun dress is so classic and would be really stylish these days.

McCalls pattern from 1944
The gathering on the bodice of this dress is so cool--it must look like soft armor when made up.

Modes de Paris pattern from the 1960s
This pattern looks like a marriage between two dresses, but it somehow works for me. I do kind of what to iron the seam at the center front though...


Trudy said...

I love vintage patterns; so I love the idea of Vintage Thursdays.

Come by my blog and visit if you get a chance.

Hilary said...

I think you *have* to make that last dress -- it would look great on you! (I totally want to iron the one in the photo, too). The gathering in the middle one is so cool. I immediately wondered what it would look like in knitted form, but I bet one would have to use really fine yarn lest it get too bulky.

Unfurled said...

I love vintage patterns for the same reason. They're timeless, always interesting, and so easy to sew up! Just found your blog and love it. All the best!