Sunday, November 29, 2009

Botanical garden

I spent the afternoon at the Desert Botanical Gardens today. It was a really lovely day in the mid-60s, with some intense sun. Visiting gardens always makes me wish that I had a garden of my own. I came away with a lot of inspiration.

They had a whole herb garden that I was particularly interested in. So many chile varieties, and more rosemary that I had ever seen.

But I would say that the Monarch butterfly house was the highlight of the visit. Because it was a slightly chilly day, the butterflies were all lazily sunning themselves.

They decorated the trees like beautiful flowers, or perhaps Christmas ornaments.


LynS said...

I visited this Garden about four years ago. The plants were fascinating and photogenic, and the location is spectacular- wish I could go again. I love your butterfly pics.

Airinn said...

Thank you, Meghan!

Wendolene said...

Your pictures have reminded me how much I love the Garden--especially when the weather is still so nice. Note to self: must visit soon!

Teresa said...

Beautiful photos! I think it's now on my list of "to do" to see a tree full of Monarchs :)

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