Monday, November 23, 2009

CSA Love: Week 4 Recipe Recap

This week from my CSA:
Green acorn squash
Roasted chiles
Two varieties of bok choy

Zucchini Soup
The zucchini was really large, and therefore no longer great for stir fry. It did make a nice soup though, with onions, lemon, cheese, and various odds and ends I had on hand.

Kale chips!
I had heard these were pretty good, and thought they might help me get over my lack of enthusiasm for greens. Indeed they were great--they may look like the leaves you need to sweep off your porch, but they taste like thin, delicate potato chips.

Stir fried bok choy with brown rice
This was loaded with fresh ginger and garlic, and I ate it with soy sauce and Sri Ratcha. Very good! I made it several times over with the two types of bok choy I received.

Beet green and potato puree and beet carpaccio
This may look like a very strange meal, but I assure you it was excellent. Pureeing the cooked beet greens and adding them to mashed potatoes is an excellent way to enjoy the nutrients of the greens if you don't enjoy them on their own. The overall flavor is definitely that of mashed potatoes. The beet carpaccio was really good--most especially for the caramelized onion marmalade. It was to die for.

Kale and parmesan bread
I used the amazing no-knead boule dough recipe from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day, and followed the recipe on their blog to make this bread. I'm not a huge fan of cheese breads, but the folks at my work went crazy for this. LQ accused me of playing 'hide the kale,' and I most certainly admit that I'm enjoying this game.

Caramelized onion bread
Using the same boule dough mentioned above, and the caramelized onions from the carpaccio, I came up with this creation. It was really good. I didn't share. I will make it again.

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Barbara Campbell Thomas said...

I love the posts on what you do with your CSA veggies--some of these look great!