Monday, November 19, 2007


I just got this lovely fabric in the mail from Sheree! She really has an eye for fabric combinations. Check out her new store--especially if you live in Europe and like to support individuals rather than big fabric stores.

As for me, I've been terribly busy with school work--it's getting to that stressful time of year where many large projects are due. I haven't had any time for sewing--despite the several projects that are ready to be cut. Demi is progressing at the rate of several rows a day. I'm almost up to the arm shaping on the back piece. Perhaps I'll finish in February or so...

In the mean time, I'm still working on resist dyeing techniques. I haven't photographed much of my shibori yet (some came out quite nicely). But here is the starch resist pattern I was printing this weekend. It's a Nigerian king taken from a lovely book on African Textiles. I hope to get an indigo vat going next weekend.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I came across this website a few months ago, and was blown away. If you haven't see it yet, please do check it out. I desperately want one of the giant cabled rugs. I feel like my new sweater might be somewhat inspired by this project. Can you imagine what a single bobble would look like on that scale?!

All images courtesy of

Demi in progress

I started to knit "Demi" from the book Vintage Knits. I've been slightly obsessed with bobbles ever since I saw a friend knitting them a few years ago. I just love that texture! This is my first time knitting cables, bobbles, and from a chart. It's a nice challenge--but not something I could easily knit while talking. So far it's coming out very well:

I'm using the cream-colored Lamb's Pride yarn that I recycled from a previous sweater. It's not really ideal for such detailed work. The yarn varies a fair amount in its diameter, so some sections look imperfect--but I think overall it will have a nice effect.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Patterns, anyone?

I'm pairing down my possessions bit by bit. Would anyone have use for any of the following patterns?

Vogue 8392, cut for a size 8 (31.5" bust, but fits loosely)
McCall's 5317, cut for a size 10 (32.5" bust, 36" bust measurement on finished garment)
Simplicity 4111, cut for a size 12 (34" bust, 37.5 bust measurement on finished garment)

If you would like a pattern, please leave a comment with the pattern number and your email, so I can contact you for your mailing address. No charge, just pass on some good cheer to someone else as payment.