Sunday, November 29, 2009

CSA Love: Week 5 Recipe Recap

This week's haul:
Spring mix
Acorn squash
Roasted chiles
Swiss chard

With the Thanksgiving holiday, and some general busy-ness, I managed to do a terrible job of documenting this week's recipes. I made a salad and some kale and pesto bread to bring to a work potluck. The bread was made in the same manner as last week's kale-parmesan bread. The turnips were sliced with some potatoes to make a mediocre gratin (silly me thought I could sub milk for cream...). But the saddest thing of all is that I don't have a photo of one of the best recipes yet: curried red lentil and swiss chard stew with chickpeas. It was amazingly good--even if you can't stand greens--seriously! I guess I was too hungry to photograph that day?

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