Wednesday, November 11, 2009

CSA Love: Week 3 Recipe Recap

This week was a great week for my CSA:
Pecans (! Now if only I had a nut cracker...)
I'itoi's onions
Green tomatoes
Acorn squash (so pretty!)
Roasted green chiles (frozen for later)
Cantaloupe (unfortunately already over-ripe)

Pasta with i'itoi's onion sauce
I followed this recipe meant for scallions. It's a great way to use up a lot of green onions, and turned out well--though I much prefer pesto. I think this is a great idea to play around with.

Roasted acorn squash salad
With toasted almonds, balsamic vinegar, and some roasted turnips tossed in since I didn't have enough to cook on their own.

Roasted acorn squash with maple glaze and almonds
This was freaking amazing. It has just a hint of real maple syrup, rosemary (from my porch garden), garlic, butter, and almonds. It's the perfect mix of sweet, savory, soft and crunchy. I'll definitely make this again with other sorts of winter squash.

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Wendolene said...

Pecans--gasp! I love nuts, but those are by far my favorites. Too bad about the cantaloupe... one of my favorite ways to rescue almost-overripe fruit is make smoothies. I freeze what I don't want immediately in jars, and pull one out for a snack-on-go when I need it!