Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vintage Pattern Thursday

This week's vintage pattern finds:

Dress with fantastic gathered neckline, circa 1950s

Mail order dress pattern, circa 1960s
I thought this was a pretty cute wrap bodice, then I saw that it came from the Progressive Farmer Pattern Department, and that gave me a whole series of interesting mental images.

Sleeve drafting patterns, circa 1945
I think this would be such a great resource if you're at the point where you're learning to draft your own patterns. There are some really unique sleeve designs here that would look spectacular and current. A1, D, and C are my favorites.

Cute hats, circa 1940.
I especially love the plaid one.

Vintage Davy Crockett Frontier Costume, 1976.
Ok, you might think I'm totally nuts, but if you take away the hat, rifle and powder horn, and make the pants a bit slimmer, wouldn't this outfit be completely in style right now? Ok, maybe you'd have to draft slightly different sleeves with the above pattern...but really, I think I've seen this ensemble in Lucky Magazine.


Hilary said...

Haha - yes! The pants tucked into the high boots, the tunic-y top with belt...who knew Davy Crocket would turn out to be a late-2000's fashion icon?

Heather said...

Yes, the newest anthropologie catalogue has pants just like this called bloomers. I guess that sounds much more feminine than "huntin' pants" or "'coon catchers".:)

LittleCanoe said...

I love the hat with the feather. I love all the hats, actually! That shirt reminds me of "puffy shirt" on Seinfeld!

Teresa said...

Oooh, I love the hats. Very cool indeed :)

"Óg" said...

I tried on a dress very much like the one pictured as C in Butterick's. It was so flattering and reminded me what a nice I figure I have when I ditch the jeans and layers. They really knew how to dress back then.