Thursday, March 5, 2009

Vintage Pattern Thursday

The other day, I came across a vintage knitting pattern book that I absolutely loved. The seller says it's from 1953, which I found a bit surprising--I would have guessed they were from the 1960s. I decided to do a little search for other patterns from 1953 to see what was going on that year, and if these knitting designs fit in, or were ahead of their time. You be the judge:

Above and below, the adorable knitting patterns from Women's Day Magazine, 1953.

I love the blue striped dress above, I suppose this might be in keeping with the knitting styles. Simplicity 4341, 1953

Super fancy ball gown, Butterick 6011, 1953

Are those tiny llamas on her shirt, or have I spent too much time looking at Pre-Colombian artifacts? McCalls 9651, 1953

Finally, something that I see as typical 1950s: the shirt dress. Advance 6460, 1953


Hilary said...

How cute is the cowl-necked, striped, sleeveless sweater in the top photo?!

LittleCanoe said...

I just love those knitted sweaters! The sailor style would be so in right now!

Teresa said...

I see the alpacas too! I love all these patterns :)