Saturday, January 19, 2008

MSCL revisited

Although I proudly am not the owner of a TV, I do have a TV-related guilty pleasure--online TV shows. When I'm looking for a little distraction, or something to watch while knitting, I head on over to NBC, ABC, or even the CW (whatever that is). Recently, ABC has had old episodes of My So Called Life on their website. I never watched this show as a teenager, but I remember all my friends being completely obsessed with it. I'm wondering, what does it say about me that I can completely relate to this show as a late-twentysomething? Do we never outgrow those teenage feelings of wanting acceptance, finding one's place, etc?

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erica said...

i've been watching the episodes online, and it all seems relevant, still. i've never seen 'freaks and geeks,' but i hear it's good in a similar way.

i knit while watching shows online, too. apparently i pay for cable tv, but we don't have a set plugged in. i guess the cable/dsl combo is cheaper than dsl by itself!