Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Holiday catch-up

Just before the holidays, I received this cheerful package. I'm not sure if the sender was really really in the holiday spirit, or just had a couple dozen 1 cent holiday stamps lying around. In either case, it did make me smile.

Inside were these great vintage shoes from the 1950s! I saw them on ebay, and was shocked that they were in my size (10.5 AA--apparently it existed in the 50s, and at least one person had this size. That makes for three people, including myself, that I'm aware of!) I was even more shocked that no one bid on them, and I was able to claim them for all of $8 plus shipping. Score! One shoe has a label inside from the American Shoe Company--Red Cross. They aren't a perfect fit, but I think I'll be able to get away with wearing them on special occasions.

In other exciting news, I have yet again changed my mind about my next knitting project. I went to the Salvation Army and bought this grandpa sweater for $2.50. It was actually quite a nicely knit sweater, and I would have considered wearing it as-is had it fit me. Instead, I unraveled it and plan to recycle the yarn into a new sweater. For an added challenge, I'm going to try my hand at making a designer knock-off of this Paul & Joe sweater. I'll have to come up with my own pattern, inspired by the photo. I've never actually seen it in person, though I think I saw Stacy London wearing it on one episode of What Not To Wear. I'll keep you posted about my progress with that...but don't get too excited just yet, I still have to finish Demi.

After a lovely New Year's Eve, I spent January 1st unraveling the sweater, and making my favorite cookies: Raspberry Rugelach. I had attempted this before without much success, but this time they came out beautifully! They were actually quite enjoyable to make, and taste fantastic. One of the rugelach recipients informed me that these are not cookies, they are "little slices of heaven." The recipe is at, and I couldn't recommend it more highly!

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