Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Best Recipe EVER!

I was in Washington DC this summer and had several good lunches at a place called Teaism. They had this great bento box with silken tofu and miso glazed sweet potatoes. I was craving that bento box when I came across a recipe for a spicy tofu bento bowl in Vegetarian Times Magazine. It's nothing like the original from Teaism, but it is fantastic in its own rite. I was very happy to see that they published it on their website for all to enjoy!

My modifications:
1. Add the chili garlic sauce to taste--they recipe can be very spicy if made with the full amount.
2. Use silken tofu--yum!
3. I used olive oil and added a spoonful of tahini (sesame seed paste)--instead of sesame oil, which can be overbearing. The tahini was perfect.
4. It's great over greens with the dressing, but is equally great when you skip the salad part and eat it over rice with steamed broccoli.

I hope you give it a try! If you're more into meat than tofu, I'm positive that the sauce would be excellent over chicken as well.

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Sara said...

that looks so good! im going to give it a try when i get better and go to the store for some tofu! what do you know about tofu you buy that is on the shelf not in the fridge section, that is all ive found here in the regular store. i will have to check out the little health store in town to see if they have more selection.
ok, another question, will the tofu keep a few days after preparing it like this or is it better to only make one serving at once?