Sunday, January 13, 2008

Knit progress

For those of you who who only want to hear about sewing--my apologies, sewing is on hiatus for a while! I just can't put those knitting needles down. I'm getting close to finished with Demi from Vintage Knits. Just part of a sleeve, the collar, then blocking and seaming!

Seeing it all together like this makes me feel very proud of my accomplishments so far. This is my first cabling project, and it wasn't terribly hard at all. Here's a detail of some of the cables and bobbles:

It's really a lovely pattern. If you're a knitter who hasn't yet tackled sweaters or cables, let me assure you that you can do it! Despite the fact that Demi looks like a very challenging sweater to knit, the only two stitches you need to know are knit and purl. The hard part is keeping track of where you are, and learning to read the pattern. But that can all be done with a little help from an experienced friend, or with a good knitting resource. My favorite knitting reference book was given to me by a friend:

I turn to The Knitter's Handbookwhenever I'm learning a new stitch, or when I forget which way to wind the yarn for a yarn over, or when I'm trying to decipher a vintage pattern that has old-fashioned instructions. It would make a great gift for any new or intermediate knitter. It's small, but it packs in all kinds of information along with detailed step-by-step pictures and written instructions.


erica said...

hi! i love all your knitting and sewing projects. i wish i produced more (and consumed less).

you look really familiar...did you go to pomona, by chance?

erica said...

aha! i knew my memory wasn't 'that' bad.

i'm glad to hear you're doing art conservation, because i think that's pretty awesome.

Octopus Knits said...

Lovely! I really like Demi in pale colors, especially creams and whites. I'll have to make on someday : )