Monday, March 8, 2010

Living the dream

I often dream of the day where I will have enough time and energy to start my own small craft business. In the mean time, I love to live vicariously through some of the successful ladies who have turned their creative passion into a living. One of these successful entrepreneurs happens to be a friend of mine, has a blog, and a very ambitious project. Jennyvi Dizon has made a name for herself in Phoenix for designing and sewing custom bridal gowns. She recently started an Etsy shop, and has made it her goal to add one new item every day to her store--while at the same time posting tutorials on her blog about how she creates these items. I'm eagerly following along with her project to see what she comes up with. Good luck Jenny!


Unknown said...

Hi Meghan
I have just finished your Shalom Cardigan there is a post on my blog

It was a lovely pattern to knit and I am going to make another. Thanks you so much for the easy pattern.

Hilary said...

Wow, what gorgeous dresses! Thanks for the link to her blog and Etsy shop. I will definitely be stalking... :)

Linda said...

Her dresses are lovely, I wish her loads of success.

Sarah Westervin said...

Wow! Her dresses are really unique! I love shorter wedding dresses :)

Loretta Cooper said...

Hi Meghan,
Another grateful knitter here! I just finished your shalom (my very first sweater!) and I am sooo proud.

It came out beautifully! I'd like to make another one, a little bigger this time. Do you have any modifications?

Loretta Cooper

Laurie said...

I, too, finished what I'm sure is only my first Shalom cardigan yesterday. You can find my blog post here: or check my project page on Ravelry (luvs2sing).

I'm already planning my next Shalom...bulky weight cotton, solid color...

Thanks for this wonderful design!!!