Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekend sewing inspiration

Gosh I love those vertical lines and the cinched-in waist. Someone needs to make this!

The second version is my favorite.

Simplicity 2444 from 1948
Such an adorable vintage play suit.

I especially love the flouncy skirt overlay at the upper left.


Wendolene said...

Love the vintage...but the only one I think I could pull off would be the play suit! The bouffant-hair-and-gloves look eludes me.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I love 3232. The bottom style in that pic has come back into style--I just made a current-day Simplicity dress pattern with a similar top.

Thanks for the pretty pictures! Such inspiration...

Otter (SkyNorth on Ravelry) said...

I remember my Mom using these types of patterns for my school summer dresses. We had a really nice uniform for the winter but in summer we got to vote on one of three fabrics and could then choose from about three styles of dress (all completely unflattering of course)
We were actually encouraged to make these ourselves (as at my private school girls did sewing and cookery and boys did woodwork and other far more enjoyable subjects!)I however was utterly c**p at sewing and so my mother had to make them.
But at least some of her arty/crafty genes have rubbed off on me as I now knit and spin too.
I arrived her from the Ravelry Shalom cardigan page btw!

Linda said...

They are lovely.

Hilary said...

Oh I just love these. The second one down (the top) is fabulous! And it looks so current.

aurelia said...

Hi Meghan, it's Aurelia here.
Perhaps this isn't the right place where to post, excuse me, but I didn't know where to do it.
I'm an Italian knitter. I wrote to you on Ravelry about my Shalom's translation into Italian, but I hadn't answer. So I ask you here if you want it. I only need an e-mail address where to post the file.
Thank you for your attention.
Excuse my English
Aurelia/monelia on Ravelry

Unknown said...

So nice to see these patterns! I thought I was the only one holding the Vogue-Butterwick- Simplicity-and newspaper patterns of the 50's & 60's! Thank you. (Love the Shalom sweater- will have to work at enlarging it-btw, what is 'make one'? Is that a 'yarn over'? from front or back?)