Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Recipe roundup

New in the kitchen this week:

Vegan Laksa
Very nice curried noodle soup with tofu. I added a bit more curry than I would have ideally liked, but otherwise this was a nice dish. The fried tofu with salt and pepper was good enough to eat plain, and the generous splash of lime juice really added a nice note.

Fancy Mac & Cheese with Leeks
Yum! Historically, I am not a mac & cheese fan, but this was delicious. The leeks added enough flavor to keep me very interested.

Snickerdoodle Muffins
Also really tasty. Please note: the batter rises like crazy in the oven, so don't fill the tins too high! I ended up with burnt muffin bits on the bottom of my oven. That being said, this decadent treat reminds me somewhat of those cinnamon covered cake donuts, only better.

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Unknown said...

Hey! Your snickerdoodle muffins look great - sorry they decided to rise so much cuz there's nothing like burned *anything* on your oven floor :(

Have a delicious day!
The Repressed Pastry Chef