Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Meet my latest obsession

I planted a vegetable garden in early March, and it's just about all I can talk about these days. It's the first thing I visit upon waking up in the morning, and the first thing I go to see when I come home. It is so satisfying to see the plants grow day by day. This is my first attempt at gardening, and it has been at least 18 years in the making (and that was before I actually liked vegetables).

The radishes are the first edible products from my garden. They are wonderful to grow because they only take about a month to mature from seed. See the little one peeking out beneath the leaves below?

I harvested a bunch of them today, and was shocked to see how big some of them became! Although I did eat a few raw, I decided to see what other possibilities there are for radishes. I came across a recipe for roasted zucchini and radishes that had wonderful reviews. I'm guessing you're like me (and everyone I've mentioned this to) and have never heard of cooking radishes, but I must say it's actually quite good!

Once roasted, radishes lose their bite and most of their crunch, but remain really juicy and have a nice mild flavor.

It's pretty incredible to know exactly where my dinner came from, and that it was as fresh as it could possibly be!


isolada. by design said...

I've not enough room to grow a vegetable garden of any size or diversity, but I'm excited to have started a new herb garden (I had about 19 different plants in my last garden, before moving over a year ago). It's so much fun, veggie, herb, floral or perennial!

Roasted and baked radishes are so good. I notice something of a gentle buttery flavor to them. Enjoy in good bounty!

LittleCanoe said...

Those radishes are so beautiful! I'm totally jealous. I'm way behind in starting my garden, this will be my first. But it's still very cold here at times. I can't wait! You've inspired me.

Teresa said...

How exciting! It's one of my goals to actually grow some veggies and make a dinner with them. Looks delicious :)

Unknown said...

your radishes look very nice, well done ! I didn't know you could actually cook radishes - I'll try the recipe quickly.