Monday, January 19, 2009

Warm oven

More baking this week!

I made onion pletzels two ways following this recipe. Yes, you read that right--and I must admit that half the reason I made these was because I thought the name was funny. These are made with a yeasted egg dough akin to challah, with onion, poppy seed and salt on top. Quite tasty! The first half batch was made according to the recipe. I found this a tad too strong on the onions, so for the second batch I briefly sauteed the onions first. They are really great right out of the oven, and save well for a few days in a sealed container. I've also seen them made with thinly sliced potatoes on top, which greatly intrigues me. Bring on the starch!

Yesterday I listened to one of my favorite podcasts--Radiolab--as I was sewing. They just had to mention chocolate cake, and a few hours later, wouldn't you know, I was craving chocolate cake like crazy. Seeing as I have very little willpower in these situations, I found myself searching for a chocolate cake recipe that could be made with the few ingredients I had on hand. I ended up going with this cake recipe, which just happened to be vegan--which is great news for my vegan friend/co-worker, as I should still have leftovers for tomorrow! It came out beautifully, tastes great, and you'd never miss the eggs.

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