Wednesday, January 28, 2009


If anyone has contemplated removing high fructose corn syrup from their diet, and needs an extra push, check out this article. Do I think this is alarming? Perhaps slightly, though it doesn't sound wide-spread enough to really get freaked out about. Still, I've been thinking about avoiding this ingredient for some time now. No time like the present!


Sara said...

this is one thing ive been thinking about, avoiding it when i get to Canada. Here it is so easy, i think they put tarrifs or limits on it to make sugar able to compete so everything has real sugar in it!

Heather said...

Frightening is so true. My daughter has struggled with notable tics and skin problems since she about 18 months old and I had begun to fall into the 'could it really be immunizations?' camp until I started to modify her diet. Slowly I found she was a completely different child when not injesting HFCS and food dyes. Complete turn-around. Scary since those two things are in everything at the grocery store!

Teresa said...

Gross, creepy and believable all in one. Thanks for posting the article link.