Thursday, December 18, 2008

Vintage Pattern Thursday

I've been working on a lot of secret projects lately that I can't show on the blog for one reason or another quite yet. As a result, I find that this is slowly becoming a food blog--which is fine--but I'd hate to completely let the crafty part of it go. I was thinking this morning of trying to add a regular feature that would show where I find some of my inspiration. I absolutely adore vintage clothing and patterns. I do own quite a few, but lately have been amassing more of a virtual collection of images. Sometimes I love the color, or maybe the styling, or a small detail. I like to look back on these images to draw inspiration when thinking of new things to create. So, welcome to Vintage Pattern Thursday. I'll be sure to post links to where I find them--although I don't have the time to knit them all, perhaps one of you will fall in love with a pattern and knit it up for all to see!

I found the above image here, and was instantly drawn to the cinched, belted waist and those fantastic arrows. It is from the Vogue Knitting Book, 10th Edition from 1948. I doubt I could ever be so color coordinated, nor have I yet been able to pull off the belt-over-sweater look, but I sure would like to master this look.

This one is my favorite image of late--I think she looks so graceful and elegant, yet entirely comfortable. I love the drape of the sleeves, and how they are nicely fitted below the elbow--I wonder how fine a gauge one would need to get a material like that--I'd bet this was worked on 0 or 1 sized needles. Again, I adore that red/coral colored belt (and could easily see me working this color combination into a knit at some point) and the plaid skirt is fantastic! I have my doubts about handknit skirts, but this is perfection. Found here, from Vogue Knitting Book, 11th edition, 1948.


isolada. by design said...

I've something more to look forward to on Thursdays now. Of course, I wish I could knit...and pull off the belt over sweater, too...but I know I'll have the chance to learn some day.

I had a few books I "needed" for a 50 book personal challenge I'm doing in 2009 and decided to get the Denyse Schimdt Quilts you mentioned in your last post while ordering. I love it! I have gone through it once (just received it today!). So many awesome projects, some of which I've done so I know I can sew them, like the coasters and apron, but this gave me more ideas for variations and for the quilts/wall hangings I'm going to do. Thanks so much for a great reference book!

Anonymous said...

Both lovely images, I too have reservations about knitted skirts especially full ones!!! I fear my days of wearing that are long gone!! But you are tall and slender so I'm sure would look fab in both outfits. I've never managed elegant and comfy so if you find a way to that - that doesn't involve a knitted skirt - I'd love to know the answer!!

Happy Christmas and All good things for you in the New Year.

Hilary said...

I'm very excited about this! I also love all things vintage and can't wait to see what you end up profiling. I cannot believe that skirt is's so nice and drapey!

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Meghan .- happy Christmas to you and yours and my best wishes for the new year.

Hugs, Paco