Wednesday, December 31, 2008


As I'm wrapping up my last day at home, and the final day of the year, I find myself reflecting on some great old family photographs that were brought out for the reunion we held a couple weeks ago. I look at these images of my grandmother and feel so inspired--not only by the strong go-getter of a woman she was, but also by her consistently stylish appearance. Knowing that she made many of her outfits--and her children's--by hand, makes me want to continue to hone my sewing techniques, and especially inspires me to keep trying to tackle vintage sewing patterns.

She looked so great in all of these high waisted shorts and skirts, and how adorable is that swimsuit above? I also love the little black and white dress worn my my little mom in the first picture. I think that would still look adorable in an adult-sized version.

Well, I meant to wrap these thoughts into a post about new year's resolutions, but I seem to have become a bit side tracked! While I don't have any resolutions per se, I would like to reach some new creative goals this year--all of which I will share with you in due time. This year, I also look forward to following my grandma's example above, and graduating with my master's degree this coming August.

I wish you all the best for the new year. Thanks so much for all of your warm feedback in 2008--your kindness really goes a long way.


Linda said...

Have a lovely new year and all the best for the graduation xx

isolada. by design said...

Thank you for giving so much thought and detail to the art of creating that you do, from wonderful international cuisine to your lovely knitting. Inspiration and enthusisam may just be my resolutions for this new year.

It's wonderful that you've your grandmother as mentor, as foundation. She was quite stylish and sophisticated, wasn't she! Your graduation will be a beautiful accomplishment and testament to your spirit, your person, a gift, past, present and future to family, to humanity.

Good things this New Year!

Sara said...

Happy new year!
Your grandma was a very fashionable lady, I love those high waisted shorts.
Can't wait to hear about your goals!

LittleCanoe said...

Those photos are just amazing. I love the quality of the color in them. Makes me want to search out some of my old family photos.
Happy New Year!