Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just a taste

I have a new finished object awaiting a photo shoot. All I need is some sunlight and a tank top and I'll be set to show off this lady. I'm pretty pleased, so do check back (perhaps Saturday?)

I'm still in Sydney, and still exploring. I tend to avoid touristy things like the plague in lieu of hanging out with the locals in various neighborhoods. Last weekend I went to the Bankstown Bites food festival. Bankstown is a suburb about 40 minutes from Sydney city that, apparently, no one goes to unless they live there. Let me tell you, Sydney, you are missing out! The food festival was nice, although on the small side. The real gem were all the other shops around the area. There were all kinds of Asian markets, Middle Eastern markets (including a fantastic and cheap spice shop), an Indian market that had food from Mauritius (Mauritius, people! I haven't seen food from Mauritius since I was in Mauritius!) bakeries, cheap fabric stores, great op shops. I was in heaven. If I ever actually live in Sydney, I will be going shopping in Bankstown for all my specialty food needs. The photo above is from the festival--I'm not sure what these balls are actually called, but it was fascinating to watch them being made. They basically seem to pile a whole lot of dough onto these plates, and keep rotating the dough within the depressions until they form perfect spheres. If anyone knows what to call these, bonus points for you!


Teresa said...

Sounds like fun!

And, I can't wait to see the new FO - looks brilliant :) (and like it may have to go on my queue!)

Hilary said...

Hmm...no idea what the dough-balls are but I am intrigued!

Can't wait to see the FO in its full glory!

Linda said...

I love food stuff so that festival sounded great. the knitting looks lovely.

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Meghan .- you create wonderful things with a single "thread" .. really. I wish you a good summer. Greetings from Spain. Paco

Celina said...

Your sweater looks so beautiful!
Let me tell you I enjoy your blog very much and I find it very inspirational. And I was thrilled when I saw your knittings from the book Vintage Knits (which I had too). I loved your version of Demi, in that light colour. It really inspired me, now I definitely want to knit one like that for myself!
Great work!

Unknown said...

hey meggers! cool blog ;) I'm glad you are still having fun...see ya in chi soon!