Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kinokuniya Magic

It has been very interesting checking out all the shops in Sydney. Although there are quite a number of American brands represented, there are also quite a lot of names and products that are unfamiliar to me. Acting on a tip from a fellow knitter, I stopped by the Japanese bookstore chain Kinokuniya yesterday. They have a pretty nice selection of Japanese sewing and knitting books, many of which were tempting. On first look, I thought I would easily spend a few hundred dollars, but on second thought, I decided the likelihood of me making the effort to sew or knit from one of these books was too small to make any purchase worthwhile.

One lingering temptation is the book Pattern Magic, which has been discussed on a few other blogs. What really got me tempted was the bodice below on the far upper right.

It looks like a lovely, exaggerated version of the Mociun dress I have also been tempted over for quite some time:

I've seen one or two people successfully attempt patterns from this book, including a great sweater by sew-mad. If anyone attempts to make either the Mociun dress, or one of the Pattern Magic bow tops, please let me know!


Linda said...

What beautiful dresses.

The Other Andrew said...

I'm glad you found the store, and the Japanese books! I wasn't sure that my explanation of where it was was enough to really go on, so it's good news!