Monday, April 7, 2008

Shalom Tips 2

Things have been pretty busy here for me, so I apologize for the continued delay in me making a measurement schematic for Shalom. It will happen, I promise. I just wanted to make a quick comment on the sleeves, as I have noticed that several people have been confused when knitting this part of the pattern. If you take a close look at the pictures of the sweater, you will notice that the sleeves are designed so that they are quite a big larger than my arm. I wanted them to stand out quite a bit to form almost a triangle shape, rather than fitting the upper arm--as one would expect for most sweaters. If you're not into this type of fit, then I would suggest reducing the number of stitches you bind off for each arm opening, and/or reduce the number of stitches you cast on beneath each arm opening. The former will reduce the sleeve size and increase the bust size. The latter will reduce the sleeve size and decrease the bust size.


Happy Knitter said...

I haven't tried this yet but I have knit more than a couple top down sweaters if this was given a raglan line the longer the raglan line the larger the sweater just a suggestion which would make it easier to change sizes I may try this if it's ok and still keep the design elements and see if my idea works if it does sizing problem with this sweater will be a non issue it's lovely i can't wait to try it but I have just started a lace blanket and my rule for me one project at a time or not a thing is ever finished.
Thank you for sharing...I only wish my mom was still living to make this for her :/

Unknown said...

On row 55 it says K until 1 stitch away from stitch marker then S2KP2.
If I am slipping 2 stitches the marker is in the way.

Is the marker always left 27 from the front. so I just keep moving it.
Confused. thank you