Saturday, February 2, 2008

Continuing on the vintage theme

I finished the second sleeve on Demi, and started to block the pieces. I bought a blocking wire kit from knitpicks for this project--but I'm only sort of using the wires. It look a little too much patience to thread them through the stitches, so I just used them here and there. I took some advice from a couple other blogs and blocked the pieces on top of plastic bags over my carpeted floor. This has the advantage of not absorbing moisture (quicker drying time) and you can pin quite easily into carpet, apparently. I like it! The wires, pins, and ruler help to make the dimensions even--though I'm much more instant gratification than perfectionist when it comes to crafts, so I mostly just eyeballed it.

In other news, I started a new project! Joy, from the same book as demi--Vintage Knits. I'm using Palette yarn from knitpicks in a lovely dark blue-purple shade. I won't use beads on this one, as the pattern suggests, but will purl instead to form the chevron pattern. I'm a bit concerned that this yarn is too thin for this pattern, but it's so close that it might work.

I'm still thinking of making that Paul & Joe sweater from recycled yarn, but needed something with a pattern at the moment, so I can work on it while traveling. I just spied a sweater similar to the one I was thinking of designing on Flickr--same color and all!


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Kelly said...

Ooo, I love the purple shade of yarn! And I definitely side with your decision to purl instead of using beads. In fact, that's how I thought the design was formed when I first looked at it - purls or yarn-overs. Much classier than the beads.

I love the yoked cardigan, too!