Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Vogue 8392

It's been a very busy few weeks for me, but I decided to take the time to make something over the weekend. I made a top, since I had already bought the fabric months ago, and it involved less work than making a whole dress. I chose Vogue 8392--view A, but I skipped the collar, and used the neckline for views B and C instead:

I used a moleskin-like fabric from the clearance bin at Joann's. When I bought it, I liked the colors, but felt like the design was potentially too wild for me. In the end, I like it as a top, and think it could be a nice, vibrant print to wear on occasion.

The pattern came together easily--although I didn't like the instructions for the neckline on views B and C--rather than drafting separate patterns, they have you sew everything together--including the darts, and then cut off 1.5 inches around the entire neck. As a result, you end up cutting through all your backstitching, and some threads might become loose as a result. Not the best idea, but it ended up working out okay.

The fit isn't perfect on this top. It is meant to be a woven pull-over, with a hook and eye closure at the back of the neck. It's therefore drafted to be roomy in the torso, so you can slip it on and off. I didn't want it to be huge on me, so I opted for a size smaller than I would normally go. I was able to get into it fine, but I nearly got stuck in it, and had to do a brief contortionist act to take it off. After that, I decided to put in a short zipper in the back. This helped, but I find that it is still very snug around the arms. I blame this mostly on the pattern, as I have pretty narrow arms, and I'm not convinced that going up a size would completely remedy this problem.

Overall, it's a very cute shirt, and was very easy to make--just beware that you might have to make some adjustments to the arms to make them more comfortable.


Anonymous said...

That looks fabulous! I'm going to make that top for sure - thanks for the tip about the arms.

lsaspacey said...

I'm making that shirt right now and I also find the sleeves are extremely tight. I also went down a size but I'm going to reduce the seam allowance to capture some width. However, I still think it's going to be tight. I was hoping I wasn't the only person to think so. Thanks.