Monday, October 1, 2007

New hat and Mexican lasagna

On my way to and from Ottawa, I knit my first hat. It's a pattern from the most recent issue of knitty, called foliage. It's a lacy pattern that knits up pretty quickly. I chose a soft black yarn from knitpicks, called Andean Silk. It took just a bit more than one ball.
Overall, I'm very pleased! This is my first new hat in about 7 years. It was about time! Generally, I'm all about sweater knitting (and dress making), but I have to say that finishing a project in a day or two is very satisfying!
To celebrate my return to home-cooked food, I made a "Mexican Lasagna" based on a recipe from a recent issue (perhaps a year ago?) of Vegetarian Times magazine. If you're a decent cook, you could easily pull this off without a recipe. It consists of three layers: 1) corn tortillas 2) beans (refried, or loose black beans sauteed with onion, tofu, cumin, and coriander, as I did) 3) veggies. I used grated yellow squash, grated carrot, onion, corn, chili powder, and some Mexican-influenced tomato sauce. It's assembled and topped with cheese. The next time I make this, I'm going heavier on the sauce and cheese--those are the best parts, right?


Sara said...

pretty pretty!
and you look so cute too :)

Cordelia said...

This kind of dish is also excellent with sweet potato.