Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A plea to animal lovers

I wanted to bring your attention to a fund raising effort underway by my good friend Martina and her family. On August 4, Martina was driving with her family in rural Arizona when they saw the driver ahead of them hit a puppy and drive away. The dog had broken its hind legs and was left for dead on the side of the road. The owners of the dog and the police who passed by were both content to leave the dog to die (a process that would have taken 5 days, according to the vet), but Martina and her family could not stand by while the poor little guy was suffering. They instead decided to take the puppy with them to their vet, several hours away, where it received free emergency care from a compassionate vet.

Unfortunately, the injuries to his legs and pelvis were so extensive that he needed an expensive surgery. At this point, Martina and her family were committed to saving this dog, named him Wishbone, and thought of him as the newest addition to their family. They are currently doing everything they can to raise money to pay for his $4,000 surgery. A car wash has been scheduled for this weekend, and Martina's mom is holding one of her famous bingo's at her house.

Wishbone is a very strong, healthy, and sweet 6 month old, and is doing very well post-surgery. He's even back on his feet a bit and can't wait to run around with Martina's twin boys.

If you would like to contribute to Wishbone's medical expenses, they have set up a dedicated bank account and paypal account for donations. The paypal account is associated with the following email: [] Even small contributions will be greatly appreciated. They have raised $1,000 already in the first week, and I'm confident that with their enthusiasm and dedication, they will reach their goal!


Hilary said...

Honestly, what is wrong with people?! Looking at little Wishbone's face and thinking of what would have happened had your kind and generous friend & her family not been there just breaks my heart. Thanks for posting this...I am very happy to contribute to the surgery fund.

Terrie D. (StarSpry) said...

Poor Wishbone! It makes me so sad to think of what would have happened to him! I'm so glad that your friends were there to take care of him. I'm happy to contribute, too :)

Safeena said...

Poor little guy. Thank you for letting us know about him and spreading the word. Happy to contribute.

Luciana DeVito said...

God bless them for helping that pup!!!!! I wish I could help financially!

Deborah M. said...
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