Thursday, February 5, 2009

Vintage Pattern Thursday

In nearly every knitting pattern book--be it vintage or modern--there are invariably patterns you will love, and patterns you will hate. This week, a study in these contrasts.

For example, let's say you fell in love with this soft yellow cardigan from Reynolds Continental Collections, 1960:

Well, then you'd also be stuck with these matchy creations:

Or perhaps this lovely blouse from Fleisher's Hand Knit Fashions, 1957 is more your style:

In that case, I hope you love having your hips accentuated by big bobble-y pockets:

I suppose there is always a little something for everyone.


Hilary said...

Oh my gosh, are those ACTUALLY his and hers HEART SWEATERS?! Hilarious! I must also say...I am very glad we have come so far in bra technology in the pasts several decades. Poor bobble lady...something just seems off.

Teresa said...

Wow, that's a definite LOL moment there. Bobbles on hip-pockets? Methinks that be not a good design element!

Anonymous said...

hello I just finish the salom cardigan , if you waant to see it's on my blog , and thanks for the pattern