Saturday, November 22, 2008

Southwest explorations

I spent the day exploring some nearby areas with a couple good friends. In the process I was able to experience some things uniquely Southwestern. We stopped by a Southwestern food heritage festival, which was small but nice. There was a woman demonstrating tortilla making using a very cool convex wood burning stove. She stretched the dough until they were paper thin--quite impressive!

We also stopped by the San Xavier del Bac Mission. The 'white dove of the desert' was very interesting--from historical, stylistic, and preservation standpoints. The imposing white building can be seen for miles around, and is really striking against the clear blue Arizona sky.

I love these religious candles--there's something very cool about them. The mission only allows candles purchased on site to be lit--I think they use special candles with low smoke/volatility so the newly restored wall murals don't get sooty.


isolada. by design said...

WOW. What a wonderful day. The mission is quite impressive, isn't it? My dad used to keep a votive candle like these lit at his place of business. Memories.

jessica said...

hm, you remind me of my vow to see more of the US and the fact that i know very little about the southwest, keep posting pictures so i can look through somebody else's eyes :-).

Erin said...

Your blog is so wonderful! A great combo of two of my favorites: knitting and Tucson (I live here, too). Thanks so much!