Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday food and culture

Mmm, another delicious Sunday dinner courtesy of Karina. This week I found myself tempted by fall flavors: mashed potatoes with hearty stewed veggies in the form of Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie. I grew up eating a fair amount of Scottish cuisine. Although we never technically ate shepherd's pie, we did have mince & totties (minced meat with mashed potatoes) on a fairly regular basis. I attempted a different version of veggie shepherd's pie a few years ago, but it didn't turn out very well. Karina's recipe is a definite winner. I followed it fairly closely, but with my own improvisations, as always. This will make a great fall and winter staple.

This weekend I attended a fantastic local food and culture festival: Tucson Meet Yourself. Having grown up in a large city, I really wasn't expecting this small festival to be as diverse and interesting as it proved to be. There was food from all over the globe: from Hungary to Laos to Native American fry bread tacos. Not to mention performances from well over twenty countries, and craft demonstrations from around the world. I snapped a few photos today of some of the artists at work. Above is a Turkish man painting underglazes on a ceramic plate.

A mini pig pinata and paper cut-out banners from Mexico.

Navajo rug weaving.

And just to show that there was a little something for everyone--some tricked out cars to demonstrate Tucson street culture.


isolada. by design said...

Shepherd's pie is one of my favorite foods, definitely comfort food. Yours looks wonderful. Uhm, I'll have to fit that in my back pocket for when it cools down again and I need a go-to meal.

I've spent just a little time in the southwest, but it's quickly become a favorite place and one of interest for the cultural diversity. Happy for me a friend moved to NM about a year ago and shares his adventures with me. I can live vicariously through him...for now! You'll explore to great depth, no doubt, this time you have there. Enjoy!

strangecondition said...

Oh gosh, fry bread tacos are maybe the most delicious thing I can think of at this particular moment. I could not possibly love them more!