Friday, June 27, 2008

Worldwide Knit in Public Day

In my attempt to hightail it out of Ayuthaya, I ended up spending half a day in the Ayuthaya train station waiting and waiting for a very delayed train. Happily, I had easy access to my knitting, and so I celebrated Worldwide Knit in Public Day on an old-timey train station bench in Thailand.

My bright yellow vintage sweater is coming out quite nicely, thank you. I finished the back panel (seen here, half finished) and just started on the front. I'm meeting up with a Sydney SnB group tomorrow, fun! One slight problem is that I may have been using two different sized needles (2 and 3 US) for an unknown portion of the back...hopefully my gauge won't be too far off if I try to stick to just size 3s for the front. We'll see! I think this one might be wearable!

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