Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Twinkle temptation

I've had a mild obsession about Twinkle knitwear since I first came across her book, Big City Knits, about a year ago. The sweaters look amazing on the models, and I adore big, soft yarn and texture (as evidenced in the previous post about the giant knit rug). Match made in heaven, right? Maybe, but maybe not. The patterns in Big City Knits get rather mixed reviews due to the limited size range, errors in the patterns, and the fact that extra chunky sweaters aren't exactly figure-flattering.

I'm currently trying to decide if I want to invest in some yarn to make this:

The pattern is available for free on the Canadian Living website. I've seen a lot of people make this one, and sometimes it looks really cute. I don't really like it buttoned up all the way--but I have never seen a picture of someone wearing it unbuttoned. This makes me nervous--does it only work if you button it? Also worrisome is the fact that I always seems to like the sweater best in photos of the sweater itself--as opposed to on the person who made it. All of this adds up to my logical mind telling me to move on to a more flattering pattern. But that yarn! Oh, and those giant cables! Can I really resist? I think I can get some sale yarn and make a version of this sweater for $25...maybe its worth it? I'm thinking it would look great in a pale purple. If anyone out there reading this has an opinion, please leave a comment!


Sara said...

i also thought that book (and that specific sweater) was quite lovely.
aside from the chunkyness my issue with that yarn (at least the Rowan Biggie one) is that it leaves little bits all over whatever one is wearing, and looks a little frayed over time. but if you can find a yarn taht doesnt do that then i would go for it. worst thing, you dont like it and you can take it apart and make a cool chunky scarf, i have a great free pattern that is lovely in that yarn, i will send it to you. (and tell me what the yarn is, that sounds like fun, i didnt know the pattern was avaliable for free!)

Philigry said...

oh, i think you should make this! i love it. what about buttoning two buttons, instead of all of them? really, i think you should go for it!