Monday, November 19, 2007


I just got this lovely fabric in the mail from Sheree! She really has an eye for fabric combinations. Check out her new store--especially if you live in Europe and like to support individuals rather than big fabric stores.

As for me, I've been terribly busy with school work--it's getting to that stressful time of year where many large projects are due. I haven't had any time for sewing--despite the several projects that are ready to be cut. Demi is progressing at the rate of several rows a day. I'm almost up to the arm shaping on the back piece. Perhaps I'll finish in February or so...

In the mean time, I'm still working on resist dyeing techniques. I haven't photographed much of my shibori yet (some came out quite nicely). But here is the starch resist pattern I was printing this weekend. It's a Nigerian king taken from a lovely book on African Textiles. I hope to get an indigo vat going next weekend.

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Sheree said...

Oh, your newly printed fabric looks great. Lovely detail. I have been dying fabric for some spring designs. It is fun. I have not done any printing yet though. Hopefully soon.

I hope you enjoy your new fabrics! :) And I wish you all the best with your projects. Graduate school can be so much work. You hang in there.:) And good luck with the next dying project. :)