Thursday, October 24, 2013

Shalom Cardigan now available on Ravelry

There is some sort of hitch in my pattern hosting website, so the Shalom Cardigan pattern (English version) can be found as a free Ravelry download.  Click below to see it:

Shalom Cardigan (english)

I do get a lot of requests for pattern help or alterations, and I must apologize as I am unable to offer pattern support.  Your best bet is to look for help from other knitters on Ravelry, as many people have improved upon this pattern since I wrote it many, many years ago! 


Quinn said...

It's so nice of you to continue to make this available - thank you!

Lynne Romuld said...

Hi. I just finished the Shalom Cardigan. If you want to see what it looks like my ravelry name is blindasabat. Thanks! I really enjoyed knitting it and I'm sure I'll love wearing it this winter.

karry lewis said...

hi there . this was my first attempt at knitting a sweater. Its kind of loose. Perhaps I need a smaller needle or different wool. The pattern was easy. Thanks
I would send a picture but I don't know how

Anonymous said...

I have just completed 4 shalom vests....I made each one differently too, without it altering the pattern. I made the yoke all garter on one, on another I used a simple 1 x 1 rib, I also made a smaller one for my 14 year old super skinny daughter....I made it smaller by reducing 2 rows in each of the 3 yoke parts, and I also added a second button on that in the second yoke section. It was a beautifully satisfying knit, an extremely practical garment, and the best part a super fast knit. The first one took me 4 nights in front of the TV and the last one took just 2 long nights! I used about 8 balls 50 gr each (or 38 metres each). Well done on a lovely design!! And for sharing it! Xoxoxo

Anonymous said...


I just finishend my Shalom Cardigan. Thanks for the pattern.

You can ese iT in my website or in ravelry, my username is Miss Tejidos.



Brent said...

Hi there. I just discovered this pattern. It's beautiful and I look forward to knitting it. Question....why did you name it Shalom? June. Love the name.

Anonymous said...

Lovely sweater. Is the M1, M1L or M1R? It does not specify, just wondering which you used.

kylie hukin said...

just finished a Shalom with a slight tweak (only had two skeins of kochoran, so shorter than yours). It's on Ravelry fyi and I think I have referenced you correctly but please let me know if I need to edit.
thanks everso for making this a free pattern.
going to do another one (am a very slow knitter).

Deb Fein said...

Can you at least tell how much yarn the pattern requires? I do not see it in the instructions.

June said...

Does anyone know how to add sleeves to this beautiful sweater? I have the armhole stitches on a holder while I finish the body. Thanks!

Edward Castle said...

Beautiful cardigan but am having problems understanding Row 8. I cannot reach 107 stitches if I begin with 67. Please advise.

GRSshoes said...

Lovely cardigan.