Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pinterest, anyone?

The last couple years have taken on a more introspective character for me, and that has meant fewer things to share on this blog.  I'm still working on creative projects around the house, and I'm also working on getting a little pottery business up and running.  I'm planning to rekindle my online presence in the future, so keep this blog on your feed and I'll post updates when I get to that point.  In the mean time, I do use pinterest to gather various sources of inspiration.  Click here to see my boards:

Meguerite on Pinterest


Unknown said...

Help with Shalom Cardigan row 8?

Please answer on

as I can't find the answer on this blog.

thank you
J Diamond

Unknown said...

Explain row 8 please in the Shalom Cardigan.

Arlene said...

I love the Shalom Cardigan. TY for the free download. I have a few questions. How much yarn does this pattern require? Do you remember what yarn you used? Do I still have to block this item if I use acrylic yarn? Do you block using pins or steam? You mentioned that this is worked in the round. What does that mean, if you are not joining in the round? Thanks, Arlene

Arlene said...

I,too need a clarification of Row 8. You can send me an email at: Thanks, Arlene

Stephanie said...

Well, well, well. It is definitely a delight to hear from you on this little blog. I discovered it about 3 years ago and I periodically look for updates. I will definitely watch your Pinterest page. : )